WUHAN QINGJIANG CHEMICAL (HUANGGANG )CO.,LTD is the wholly owned subsidiary of Wuhan Qingjiang Chemical Co., Ltd, Located in chemical industry park of railway station Economic development zone in Hunggang city with convenient railway, highway and water transportation. Our company covers an area of 500 acres and with 400 employees including 180 technical persons.  We have advanced producing equipment, technological process and management. We also have High-quality engineering and technical personnel, Scientific manage model, perfect quality control system and on-spot management (6S) experience. As a result, the ability of product development and producing is very strong in our company.

    Our main product: 210kt/a Sulfuric acid、10kt/a Dimethyl sulfate、10kt/a Liquid sulfur dioxide、50kt/a Solid sodium sulfite、150kt/a Iron concentrate, hellebore ether, hellebore aldehyde, oxygen methyl isopropyl urea sulfate and etc. There is a 4500kw Thermal generating set in our company. We will build 30kt/a Titanium dioxide producing equipment and 100t/h steam concentrating heat-providing device.  The quality and index of our company product is higher (or fit for) the country standard. In addition, we can provide the special product to meet customers’ demand.

We uphold the quality policy---- treat technology as guide, meet customer’s demand, remain improvement and achieve to excellence. To the customer and market, we insist on perform the regulation with sincere, trustworthy, practical and earnest to get double-win during cooperation. Aiming at the satisfactory of customer, employee, shareholders and society, our company became strong and big in durable development.

     By cleaning production Environmental objective, our company perform the concept of recycle economy and come up with the idea---garbage is the treasure in wrong place to build the industry chain and increase the usage efficiency of resources and energy. We combine the procedure control and ending governance together to reduce the pollution at the beginning. We improve the production technology, push cleaning producing and insist on three wastes discharging in standard. Thus we change environment governance to clean production and cycle economy. There is significant improvement to environment. The government and relative department give us high Affirmation and praise. It creates the good situation of double win of economic benefits and society benefits.

     Our company confirm the career health and safety policy----based on the person, cherish the life, pay attention to the safety and ensure the health, obey the relative safety law and health standard, pay high attention to the  training and management of safety and health. We constantly improve the working environment and career health situation. The Sustained and effective hardware, working situation improvement and regular management ensure the career safety and health and working rights of employees and raised their satisfactory.

    We persist in scientific development, push clean production, insist on recycle economy and sustainable development to try the best to build a modern enterprise who can be Live in harmony with nature. Our direction is constructing green chemical and creating a beautiful company. We are looking forward to the common development with all of you and create the better future! 

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